Sharing your process

Your creative process is 99% of your journey and it’s the journey that counts, right? Well, the same applies for your audience and it’s their interest which you need to attract with a compelling artistic narrative.

Photo by Dago Cassiel. 

Photo by Dago Cassiel. 

Galleries don’t show the full story

Galleries can be intimidating places, especially for those who don’t understand the art world. They often present a hyper clean look, display hefty price tags and don’t always feel inclusive. A very different story from the artists’ day-to-day, in which they are drawing inspiration from their environment, playing with new ideas, and exploring materials and techniques within the chaos of their studios.

We like a good narrative

It is the job of both the gallerist and the artist to bridge this gap; to take us (the audience) on the journey that was taken from blank canvas to finished artwork. Humans are naturally attracted to compelling stories, so by sharing yours collectors will become more invested in you as a person and therefore your work.

Art is for everyone

When I am out on the street painting, people from all walks of life will interact with me. From business men and old pensioners, to homeless people and curious teenagers; they are intrigued by what I am doing and will often start a conversation. For me this shows that art is for everyone; you don’t need to have studied it to get it. You just need to see it in action to be inspired and want to get involved.

Sharing the process

Artists who are clued up to this are engaging our social media obsessed society with apps like Instagram to share both the innocuous, and the extravagant sides of their careers. From stretching a canvas in the morning and painting it in the afternoon, to drinking bubbly at a swanky private view in the evening. We are able to see what it takes to make it, learn from their example, and be inspired by their creativity and hard work.

Okay I get it! How can I show my story?

Time lapse videos

I like to create time lapse videos of me sketching and painting my scenes. In 60 seconds I can show myself painting over five days. People find this fun and it gives them a better appreciation of the finished artwork. Like they were there with me whilst I created it; because they were!


Instagram Stories

Here I show a bit of my day to day, progress shots, talking to the camera and chatting about what I’m planning on doing next and then showing it as I go.

Live painting

It may seem scary but painting live, surrounded by people, generates interest, with the added benefit of getting your adrenaline going and you into focus. Your process becomes a performance where you not only create art but inspire others through demonstrating the physicality of your practice.

Mail outs

Show your time lapse videos, with a description and finished result of your creative work, you can send emails to your mailing list to keep them updated on your work. I like to check in around once a month as to not clog up their emails and get unsubscribed!

Real Life

Ultimately, nothing will beat seeing your work from life, so invite your collectors to your studio. It's the best place to check out how you work and you can physically take them through your process.

If you found this article interesting then share it with an artist you know and get involved by discussing your thoughts in the comments :)