Commissioning an artwork

If you like my paintings, but are looking for something more specific, then here are some tips for commissioning an artwork from me!

A corporate commission of my city punch series to add a burst of colour to this meeting room.

What scale?

Look at the scale of the space in which you plan on putting the artwork, how big does it need to be to comfortably fit that space? Get your tape measure out and jot down the rough dimensions in cm.

What subject matter?

I’m sure you’ve had a good look through my work, that’s why you are here! I thrive on painting the urban landscape so finding street scenes is always top of the list when my abilities come into play. I’m open to ideas though, so try me!

What style?

I have a number of styles in which I paint. Figure out which one you love the most:

Oil paintings When you want a to focus more on the people who are within the scene. mixing a variety of colours, textures, these pieces take a little longer, but are well worth the wait!

City Punch Series This series works well when you need a single bold colour to bring life to a room. This series is also a bit more affordable for those on a budget.

Half/ Half paintings When raw process is a priority and you want a talking point.


Quite simply, do you want a night or a day scene?

Know your budget

Have a rough idea of what you’d like to spend, knowing this I can help guide you through options which are available at your price range.

For commission enquiries please email me at and I will get back to you shortly!

Past Commissions